The attraction of returning home

Joni Kantola, working as a development engineer at the UPM pulp mill in Pietarsaari, has a lot of working experience from UPM’s mills already during his studies. Kantola, a native of Kalajoki, lived in Oulu for five years, during which he completed a degree in engineering technology at the University of Oulu. In addition to studying, he worked in fixed-term employment at UPM’s plants in Pietarsaari and Kuusankoski.

The first contact with the UPM mill took place in 2015, when he worked for the first time as a summer worker at the UPM pulp mill in Pietarsaari maintaining the fiberline.

Since then, work experience has come from the second summer in Pietarsaari and from UPM Kymi’s pulp mill as a project engineer and chief engineer. Before his return to Pietarsaari, Joni worked as a diploma worker at Kymi.

– The working atmosphere at the UPM mills has always been very good, and the tasks have been thoroughly familiarized with and supported by a multidisciplinary work community. There was no hand holding, but space for autonomy and thankfully room to develop oneself.


Working together to make things happen

At the end of 2018, when Kantola was completing his diploma in UPM Kymi, he was thinking about the future after the graduation. When the UPM pulp mill in Pietarsaari was looking to recruit a production and development engineer, Kantola did not hesitate to submit his application. Finally, after many application stages the selection for the development engineer was secured.

– My current job has made it possible to live close to my hometown and so I see more family and friends. I have settled in well in Pietarsaari, and although the Swedish language is not yet fully fluent, it does not present any problems at work or in my free time.

Kantola feels that the work experience gained during his studies at UPM has provided a good basis for moving to a career.

– I have had the opportunity over the years to progress step by step. The fact that the Pietarsaari factory area and the staff had come to know me through my previous work experience has helped me significantly in my new job.

Currently, the development engineer’s work in production focuses on the fiberline department, but in the future, the scope of the job will probably expand.

– The best thing about working with UPM is, first and foremost, working together – that everyone brings their own know-how and skills to the table. Then, together, we always start to develop and create new things with productive cooperation, he sums up.

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