Circular economy

The circular economy is a natural part of AIP’s approach. Many companies in our park aim to minimise the amounts of waste originating in their production. Our ambition is for no landfill waste at all from 2030 and beyond.

Material and energy flows and the circular economy

The symbiosis between Alholma sawmill, UPM Pietarsaari and BillerudKorsnäs Finland is a good example of material flows from the circular economy in the AIP area. Chips and sawdust originating as side streams in the wood industry are utilised as raw materials in pulp and paper. In addition, biowaste that is unsuitable for processes is used by Alholmens Kraft in energy production.

Minimising the use of virgin raw material saves both nature and costs. Besides which, both the economy and environment benefit since there is no need to transport raw materials over long distances.

Material and energy flows

AIP material and energy flows inside and out of the area.

Business models and ecosystems

Positioning of AIP companies in the circular economy value chain and ecosystems.