Industrial operators


UPM Pietarsaari

The pulp mill produces bleached and unbleached pulp from the pulpwood of adjacent areas.  Softwoods are used to make long fibrous pulp and hardwoods, short fibrous pulp.


UPM Alholman Saha

Alholman Saha sawmill makes timber goods from softwoods, for, among others, the carpentry, furniture and the laminated beam industry, as well as house construction factories.  Woodchips and sawdust are delivered to the pulp mill.



NCE oy (Nordpipe Composite Engineering oy) specializes in technical industrial plastics.  Its product family includes pipes and tanks designed for demanding and pressurized conditions.

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Walki’s mission is to develop products that accelerate the world’s transition into a zero waste future.

The Pietarsaari plant mainly produces wrappings for the paper industry and lining materials for the corrugated board industry.


Alholmens Kraft

Alhomens Kraft produces electricity, process steam and district heating for industry and consumers.



Billerud manufactures sacks and craft paper in Pietarsaari for, among others, food packaging bags and shopping bags

(image: Karolina Isaksson, Bildbolaget Du & Vi)

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OSTP Finland Oy Ab is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel welded process pipes and pipe fittings, as well as process equipment.


Baltic Yachts

Baltic Yachts is the world’s leading manufacturer of customised, carbon fibre sailboats.


Nautor's Swan

Nautor’s Swan sailboats are known throughout the world as the most stylish and safest of sailboats, made using the best materials and most innovative technology.



Euroports Finland is a port operator through which all the services required for port operations can be accessed; cargo handling, warehousing, freight forwarding, shipping services, international transports and customs warehousing services.

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Pietarsaaren Satama

At the Port of Pietarsaari, the efficient handling of goods is of upmost importance.  The most important products passing through the port are cellulose, sawn timber and paper.  We are continually improving our ability to transport ever-increasing quantities of piece goods, container goods and timber products. The main import goods are pulpwood, woodchips, timber, oil and chemicals.



Concordia is a development company in the Pietarsaari region.  Our mission is to find new opportunities and to create a good platform for development and growth.  The Pietarsaari region consists of five sub-populations: Kruunupyy, Luoto, Pedersöre, Pietarsaari and Uusikaarlepyy.