AIP - a strong concentration of top companies
Good work for specialists
Pearls to the world's seas
There is space for life in Pietarsaari
Easily from the port out to the world
Success breeds success
High-quality and high performance

Alholmen Industrial Park

– Local effort- global success

AIP is an industrial park in the town of Pietarsaari in Ostrobothnia. The park is home to 8 industrial and 53 service companies. Almost 80% of the output in the area is exported.

AIP is known particularly as a wood processing, metal industry and shipbuilding cluster. A diverse corporate structure creates synergies between businesses, and companies in the area cooperate a lot with each other.

The port and associated services are an important part of AIP’s infrastructure. AIP is an excellent choice of location for companies that highly value international logistics.

Industrial companies
Service companies

Innovation through tradition- Benny Brännbacka


As a development engineer, Joni Kantola, who works at the UPM pulp mill in Pietarsaari, returned to his hometown after university studies.


Anja and Heidi changed careers to become boatbuilders at Nautor’s Swan.